As Quality manufacturers we offer the following advantages:

  • An Italian production which guarantees quality and on- time deliveries.
  • An excellent mix of Quality – Price of our products.
  • Advanced technologies and experience acquired in 40 years of uninterrupted activity in the sector.
  • Our constant attention to your ideas and requests enables us to completely satisfy your requirements.
  • Important.! At client’s request we can in only 10 days project and make exclusively a new type of Logo and desired writing.

    Further information:

    Special finishes All our corners can be supplied with a satin or shagreenated finish.For examples click here.azienda-superficie-satinataazienda-superficie-sigrinata
    Stock We hold at any time a stock of 40-50 million corners in raw form and, plus a small stock of finished corners in gold and nickel to enable us to offer an service and to supply small orders immediately.
    Production A production capacity of over 1 million pieces per day.
    Personalisation All our products can be personalised with your logo. For some examples click here.
    Material used Our corners can be manufactured in steel, brass, silver or in any other metal required.
    Painting All our corners can be supplied in any colour required with particular reference to PANTONE and RAL catalogues. For examples click here.

    Electro-plated finishes The process of electroplating in gold, silver, antique silver, antique gold, gun metal, nickel etc. is done using high tech plants which give the maximum guarantee of quality, durability and brilliance.



    Some examples for PROGRESSIVE AND TRANSFER

    stampa progressiva transfert accessori metallici

    stampa progressiva transfert accessori angoli metallici

    stampa accessori metallici progressiva transfert

    stampaggio accessori metallici progressivo

    samm stampaggio accessori metallici progressivo

    samm stampaggio

    samm stampaggio

    samm stampaggio

    samm stampaggio